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International Trade Law


Les Masters du Rizomm - FGES ( RIZOMM )

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Année 2Anglais
Professeur(s) responsable(s)
Intervenant(s)Pas d'autre intervenant

    Ce cours apparaît dans les formations suivantes :
  • Faculté de Gestion, Economie & Sciences - Masters du Rizomm - Master 2 International Management - Année 2 - 3 ECTS

Pré requis

Appropriate level of English

Objectifs du cours

• To understand the impact of the governing principles of commercial and international trade law
• To appreciate the importance of commercial and international trade law in an economic and business context.
• To engage in legal problem solving
• To research and use appropriate material including cases.

Contenu du cours

With Ms Outters

1. Formation of a contract

Read and compare a contract/a covenant/templates

Read examples of typical clauses, have them explain their meaning in their own words and measure their impact

Negotiate the terms of an agreement, use the most common clauses to draft their contract

2. Regulation of the contents of a contract

Read examples of contracts, understand what the parties can and cannot do, measure how regulations curtail their freedom to contract, analyse contract terms and clauses to determine whether they are valid or not in regard to competition law.

3. Disputes about a contract

Read contract clauses about termination, exemption, liability, damages, and understand

Draft different examples of clauses and measure their effects

Imagine the resolution of a dispute : what the contract says, what the parties should do, the differences between resolution by a judge, a court, an arbitrator

Read a judgment, an arbitration award, understand and compare

With Mr Ottley

Session 1 - General introduction and nature of English law
Session 2 – General contract law
Sessions 3&4 – Contracts for goods
Session 5– Contracts for services and product liability
Session 6– Exemption clauses
Session 7 – Passing of property and risk
Session 8 – Commercial agency and carriage of goods by sea

Modalités d'enseignement

Organisation du cours

The course is comprised of 8 3-hour sessions. Each session provides for the presentation of relevant material on an interactive basis. In addition, workshops will be held for students to engage in legal problem solving

Méthodes pédagogiques


    Examen : coeff. 1


    • Griffiths and Griffiths, Law of Purchasing and Supply (FT),
      (Pearson), Dobson & Stokes : Comercial Law,

    Ressources internet

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