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Faculté de Gestion, Economie & Sciences ( FGES )

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  • - - - 4 ECTS

Contenu du cours

The World of work
• Describing jobs, responsibilities and the workplace-
• Different forms of employment-employment patterns
• Working conditions
• Work past and present - future trends
• Pay and benefits
• Job satisfaction – theories of motivation
Introduction to Business organizations
• Sectors of economy-primary/secondary/tertiary
• Types of business organization and ownership
sole trader/partnerships/limited companies etc
• private and public sector
News and current affairs

Modalités d'enseignement

Organisation du cours

The small class sizes are designed to facilitate and ensure language acquisition and use through active student participation* and involvement in the learning of the themes studied. Common features of the classes will include : Discussions/debates, Short presentations, Role plays, Short case studies.
Students will be expected to fully prepare in advance for the classes thereby maximising classroom time. This will involve : the prior acquisition of the necessary vocabulary, the reading of prescribed articles, research on internet to further their knowledge of the topics.
« Soutien » : given the nature of the studies at an economics Faculty, we recognize that students may have varying degrees of difficulty with and interest in English. For those students found by their professor to be in particular need of extra help, an additional class is offered in the second semester. Enrolment for this class is optional. However, once enrolled, attendance is compulsory. A bonus which will be added to the continuous assessment mark for semester 2 will be awarded to students who successfully complete this course.

Méthodes pédagogiques



    • ., Business English Pairwork 1 & 2 (Longman),
      (Longman), • New Insights Into Business,
      -, English for Business Studies (CUP),
      -, Business Options (OUP),
      ., Business English Pairwork 1 & 2 (Longman),
      , Cambridge Business English Activities• Handouts provided by teachers,
      Longman, Market Leader Intermediate & Upper Intermediate,

    Ressources internet

    * Informations non contractuelles et pouvant être soumises à modification
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