What the Students Say

First, from a parent in India (2017):
"The summer programme was very well organised and we are thankful that we chose the Lille Catholic University and that our daughter could become a part of it. This programme has groomed her in a big way. She had incredible moments of laughter, joy, excitement, fun, and learning at university, which made her fall in love with France. Thanks to you and the whole Lille fraternity for making this opportunity a blessing for my child."
And now a few typical recent comments from students:
"I had the most memorable time here, in the company of some of the most talented and remarkable people."  (Woo Jung, Korea, 2017)
"There is nothing better than 1 month in Lille learning another languague, other cultures, and enjoying this wonderful place. I am in love with this country, this university and the people I met here. For sure, is one of the best things I did until now. Merci Beaucoup à tous et au revoir Lille!" (Julia, Brazil, 2017)

"You will meet different people from all over the world and experience things you probably never expected to happen in your life. It will be one of your best memories, ever!"  (Zequn, Canada, 2017)
"I will always remember how many of my misconceptions of others were broken, and replaced by a clear understanding of different cultures." (John Paulo, Philippines, 2017)
"I absolutely loved ESP. The staff and interns are incredibly welcoming and friendly, the teachers are awesome, and I got so much better at French. Would 100% recommend!" (Clara, USA, 2017)
"It was the best experience in my life. You meet new people, you make friends, you learn about cultures, you try new experiences, new foods, you learn french and you get to know yourself. All these while you are in Europe travelling. Don't miss this opportunity, you won't regret it!" (Consuelo, Argentina, 2017)
"Learning how to establish international connections and be flexible to organise solutions to problems in a different language helped me develop confidence in my own abilities to be successful in anything I attempt in the future." (Kelly, Australia, 2016)
"I will always remember every moment, every face, everything."  (Chi Hin Ng, China, 2015)
"This program is so nice: it combines courses, French, great trips to awesome places and amazing culture with friendship... I always remember this unforgettable summer." (Yudha, Indonesia, 2014)
"I have never been away from home for so long and this program is just what I needed to gain confidence. " (Aalia, India, 2013)
"I will always remember my days as a student in Lille! The city of Lille is beautiful and so welcoming! And the ESP was much more than I expected! The learning doesn't stop at classrooms, everyday it's an adventure among friends from different countries." (Julieta, Argentina, 2012)
For a longer, more in-depth appreciation of the ESP and what it has to offer, you can read what Jill England (Australia) had to say at the 2016 ESP2 closing ceremony, at http://esplille.tumblr.com/post/150828855161/looking-back-looking-forward ...


Sometimes former students write to tell us how their participation in the ESP has influenced their professional lives. Here's a sampling of what they have had to say: 


" I believe my study abroad experience studying at La Catho with ESP allowed me to gain inter-cultural communication knowledge and competency, and I am sure simply having that on my resume, paired with the skills it gave me, played a great part in getting me into the George Washington University in Washington DC to begin my masters in Global Communication. I am also sure it played a part in the same way when I obtained an internship with a Strategic Global Communication firm called Strategic Social." (Pedram, USA, 2011)


" I am now a management trainee (MT) (or called graduate scheme in UK/US) at the largest logistic company in the world, DHL. The German-based logistic giant puts high emphasis on MT's global experience, communication skills, eagerness to work with people in other places and high mobility. ESP provided me a chance to meet people from different cultural backgrounds and during the interview process, the interviewer appreciated my experience of having an summer study programme in France, as it is not an English-speaking country and not a mainstream destination of exchange studies for Hong Kong students." (Manus, Hong Kong, 2011)


" I'm currently living in Singapore and working as a Marketing Executive for D.S. Brown Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. My experiences in Lille with the ESP (as a student and intern) have been extremely beneficial as they have increased my cultural sensitivity/awareness and consequently helped develop my ability to overcome the inevitable obstacles of immersion within an unfamiliar place. " (Sam, USA, 2010)


" Currently I am working in the archaeological team in AECOM. Other than conducting heritage investigation and excavation, I also need to keep in good communication with governments, private firms, and sometimes NGOs. I learned communication skills as well as French in the program and needed to apply in career too. I also took a master degree conducting research on African traders in China from 2009 to 2011, which is now published in the book Globalization from Below published by Routledge. I started picking up French language studies again just yesterday with a migrant from Senegal, because I might need to attend a conference/fieldwork in Dakar next year. I hope more future students can benefit as much as I do." (Nicole, China, 2009)


" Although I already had a passion for traveling prior to living in France for the summer of 2009, that trip and the program sparked something inside me that made me want to do more and go farther.... I now work as an International Marketing Specialist at the market leader for performance fabrics in the world, Glen Raven Inc. Coincidentally, our European headquarters, a company Glen Raven acquired many years ago, Dickson, are located right outside of Lille in France. I work with the team there daily and the French skills, that led to the open door to learn other languages, and exposure I acquired at ESP directly influenced the decision for me to be hired. I had not only seen Dickson in real life but the area is familiar territory making me as asset for understanding the local dialect of French and confidence to travel there without concern.... I believe myself to have gotten a huge inspiration for life during my time abroad in France, I fulfilled a long time dream of going there and as a result, have gone down a path that has lead me to global-mindedness and a job I adore. " (Debbie, USA, 2009)


" I now work for Deloitte in Montreal. It comes from a continuous interest for international markets and learning which is in line with that summer in Lille and many other programs and similar experiences. (Louis-Philippe, Canada, 2008)


I feel that my time in Lille helped me get a job. I am teaching French as a second language in Edmonton Alberta. I have been able to get a job each year, where many of my friends struggle to find work as a teacher. This year I am teaching grade 3-5 and French as a second language."  (Danielle, Canada, 2006)

" I am now working for the European Union's Committee of the Regions, in the field of communications and press relations. The ESP that I attended in 2005 in Lille was definitely useful for my professional career. It was the first time that I experienced 3 weeks full-time immersion in an international and stimulating environment. I learned what important role diversity and understanding divergent point of views plays. Nowadays, this awareness helps me a lot in creating good professional relationships in my daily working life." (Katja, Germany, 2005)

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