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Passports and Visas

Do I need a visa?


Most students will not need any visa to take part in the European Summer Program, given that their stay will be shorter than 90 days. The government of France has a useful website regarding frequently asked questions about visas. Please check this link to see if you need a visa for your stay.


For more information, you are strongly advised to check with your university’s study abroad office, your study abroad coordinator, or even the French Embassy’s website in your home country or your home country’s consulate website.


If you need a visa, please contact the ESP office by email as soon as possible after having sent out your complete application package so that we edit a letter of invitation and mail it to you.


Do I need to carry my passport all the time?


You will need to bring your passport with you any time you leave France, which includes our various field trips into Belgium.  It might be a good idea to carry your passport with you on other extended trips as well, in case you need to prove your identity.  However, for most purposes you could use a photocopy of your passport; you should make copies both of the main page with your photo and of your visa if you have one, and keep these with you when you travel.  Always keep your passport safe! 


Anything else I need to know?


Please note that your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months when you enter France, and for an additional three months beyond your planned date of departure and your return home.


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