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Tips for packing

What is the weather like in Lille in June/July?


In France, June and July are summer months.


Lille has a maritime climate and the weather is changeable. Sunny weather and rainy days can both be expected.


Temperatures will usually be between 15°C and 25°C (59-77°F).


We recommend that you bring clothes for different types of weather – cool, warm, dry, and wet.


What kind of clothes should I bring?


Because the weather can be very changeable in June and July in Lille, we would recommend that you bring both mild weather and summer clothes.

A rain coat or poncho and travel umbrella will likely be necessary. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats are also useful.
Of course, you can buy all of this in Lille (malls, famous brand shops, budget shops)!

It is very important that you bring a good pair of closed-toe walking shoes. France and Europe have a lot of tourist sites that you will visit (during the fieldtrips or on the weekends) where comfortable walking shoes are essential.

Please see the “Travel Tips” section as well.


Packing tips for travel


• PACK LIGHTLY! You can buy anything in Lille. There are malls, a large shopping area, and some budget shops. So if there are things that you can’t put in your suitcase, you can buy them in Lille.

• Check your airline’s website to see what the regulations are about how much luggage you are allowed.


• Once you've packed, make a list of what you packed and write a description of your luggage. Put that information in your carry-on bag in case your luggage doesn't arrive with you.


• Carry-on bag for the plane: pack extra layers, a book, your travel journal, cards, music, snacks, any medication you'll be taking while overseas, tissues, set of underwear, a tee-shirt and a toothbrush (in case your luggage goes astray). Photocopy both sides of your credit and ATM cards, driver's license, and passport - leave a copy at home and pack another copy in your carry-on bag. Do NOT pack liquids over 3 oz. Make sure you have the ESP’s phone numbers, address, and instructions handy so that you find them easily on arrival.


• You may want to bring at least one dressy outfit for receptions in Lille.

• Bring comfortable shoes. Visiting France’s and Europe’s monuments, museums, and cities means a lot of walking, especially over cobblestones. A good pair of closed-toe, comfortable shoes is recommended.

• Bring rain gear or an umbrella.


• Bring an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses, if you wear them.

• You will also need an electric outlet converter plug suitable for France (and any countries that you may be visiting outside the program).

• Prescription medication. Bring enough for your entire stay in Europe. Keep medication in the original, labelled container. Know the generic name of your prescription medication, and bring a written prescription from your doctor. (You will not be able to get it dispensed in Europe, but – if necessary – you can use your prescription to inform a doctor as to what you need.)

• Pillows, bed linens and blankets will be provided by the dormitory. Towels, washcloths and other household items are available for good prices at the Sunday market in Lille. Otherwise bring 2 old towels that you can discard at the end of the trip.

• Books are heavy. All course materials will be given in class. Students have access to the university library. Books in English can be found in one of these book stores in Lille: “Le Furet du Nord” ( and “Books et alia” ( Also, tourist books are available in the ESP office.

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