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ESP Standards of Conduct

Standards of Conduct - European Summer Program



1.Each country has its own laws and regulations and has standards of acceptable conduct in the areas of dress, manners, morals, religion, social customs, politics, alcohol use, drug use and behaviour.


a.        I recognize that behaviour or conduct which violates those laws or standards could harm the reputation of the European Summer Program (ESP), and the relations between the Université Catholique de Lille (UCL) and my home university.

b.       I also understand explicitly that behaviour or conduct which violates those laws or standards could harm my own health and safety as well as the health and safety of other participants in the program.

c.        I take full responsibility for my behaviour and conduct.

d.       This acceptance of responsibility applies to my conduct and behaviour whether or not I am under the direct supervision of the ESP/UCL, their employees or agents or program officials.

e.        I will make reasonable and good faith efforts to become informed of all laws, regulations and standards and further agree that I will abide by and comply with those laws, regulations and standards.


2. I will comply with all rules, standards and instructions for student behaviour and further agree to comply with any supplemental rules or standards adopted by the UCL for the ESP.


3. I agree that the UCL has the right to enforce all of the standards of conduct, rules and regulations described and in any other materials provided to me.


4. The violation of any rules, regulations, or orders of either UCL personnel or any other lawful authority is grounds for immediate expulsion from the program.


5. In the event of a program faculty director from my home university being present on the program, then the enforcement of the rules, regulations and standards of my home university are the responsibility of the program faculty director and the Study Abroad Office.

In that role, the faculty director and the Study Abroad Office, in conjunction with UCL will use their discretion regarding what interim disciplinary action to take, including removing the participant from the program and sending them home.




6. The use or possession of drugs or any other illegal substance on the program is expressly prohibited and is cause for immediate expulsion from the program and may be subject to prosecution in France.

I understand that the penalties for use or possession of illegal substances in other countries can be much more severe than in my own country and that the UCL and its agents may not be able to assist me if I am in violation of French laws or standards.


7. The abuse of alcoholic beverages is not permitted nor is the consumption of alcohol permitted in accommodation designated by the program.


8. I must reside in the housing location designated by the programand abide by their regulations.


9. I will leave my room clean or more clean that I found it.


10. I agree to inform both ESP/UCL and the Study Abroad Office at my home university in writing should I choose to withdraw from the program.


11. I am responsible for all damages caused by my actions or conduct.


12. If I am expelled from the program, I consent to being sent home at my own expense with no refund of fees or expenses. Expulsion from the program may also include failure of courses. I further understand that I may be subject to further disciplinary, civil and/or criminal action upon my return to my home university.


I acknowledge and agree to abide by these Standards of Conduct as conditions for my participation with the European Summer Program 2017.





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