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ESP Regulations

Regulations - European Summer Program




·         Attendance in classes is compulsory; unauthorized absences will be penalized;

·         Students will not be admitted to class if they arrive more than ten minutes after the official start time. These students will be marked absent with consequences for their final grades;

·         Absence from class will only be tolerated in the case of sickness;

·         In case of illness, students should notify the ESP team by email or written message as soon as possible but certainly within 24 hours of their illness. Students who fail to do this will have an unauthorized absence recorded by the ESP team with consequences for the students’ final grades;

·         Students with more than one absence due to illness will be required to visit a doctor before any further absences will be authorized;

·         Eating and drinking is not permitted during class;

·         Devices receiving phone calls or messages are to be kept switched off during class;

·         Gradingis assessed as follows:  attendance 20%, participation in class 20% and final exam 60%. 



·         You have subscribed a travel and health insurance for the European Summer Program. The University’s insurance policy covers you for civil liability for all activities mentioned in this guide.

·         In regard to activities not mentioned in the Student Guide, whether these activities are formally organized by the ESP or undertaken personally, you agree to release the ESP and the Université Catholique de Lille from any and all liability, from any loss, damage, injury, or expense that you may suffer or that you may cause to any third party.


Image Property

·         Please note that photographs of you may be taken during the ESP and the resulting materials used without further notice. If you do not consent to such use of these photographs, please let us know in writing.




I acknowledge and agree to abide by these regulations as conditions for my participation with the European Summer Program 2017.








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