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Coordonnatrice Summer Program

Tél. +33 (3) 20 13 40 00



Where can I use a phone?


-you will find public phone boxes in the city and on the campus.
- during office hours, a phone will be accessible in the ESP office. You will be able to make phone calls after having bought a phone card.
- you may want to buy a cell phone for the duration of the program.


Cell phone from 40 euros
Cell phone prepaid card from 10 euros


Important: there are no public phones in dorms.


How can I call home from France?

In Europe, to make international calls: 00 + country code + your number.
To check about international calling codes, you may refer to this website:


How can my relatives call me during my stay in France?

- during office hours and depending on time zones, a phone will be available in the ESP office. If your family wants to contact you in an emergency or if you set a phone appointment with them, they can just call our office (the number will be given to the enrolled students).

- public phone boxes: you can set phone appointments after having given them the phone number of the public phone boxes.

- cell phone: the country code for calling a French (cell) phone is +33.

More details about how to call in France


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