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My arrival

When should I arrive in Lille?


Arrivals are planned on the day before the first day of the program: 24 May 2018 for ESP1, and 25 June 2018 for ESP2.




Members of the European Summer Program team will meet you at Lille Europe station from 9am to 5.30pm. The designated Meeting Point (“Point rencontre”) is on the main station concourse (one level above platform level) near O’Conway’s Irish Pub, in the middle of the station. (There is an online map of the station, which you might find useful.)


Please note that there are 2 stations in Lille: Lille Europe and Lille Flandres. They are quite close to each other, so if you should arrive at Lille Flandres, please make your way to Lille Europe (just a 6-minute walk).


The ESP team members will take you to your dorm where you will be able to settle in. There you will receive the ESP student guide (schedule, classrooms…) and a welcome pack (including maps of Lille and of the metro).


If you are planning to arrive before 9am or after 5.30pm, the team will not be at the station; please contact us at least 2 weeks before your arrival so that arrangements can be made.


We will send you an email shortly before your arrival detailing all this information, which you may want to print and bring with you.



How to get to Lille


To get to Lille, you can either choose to come through Paris-Roissy Charles de Gaulle, Brussels, or London.

From these airports, it is very easy to come to Lille as we are very well-served by trains, and these 3 airports have train stations on the spot: (Other points of entry such as Amsterdam are also possible, but perhaps less convenient – check with us if you are not certain of your options.)


At Paris-Charles de Gaulle,


To get to Lille-Europe station, you will have to take a TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse = high speed train) operated by SNCF (the name of the national railway company). The train station is inside the airport. Just follow the signs for “gare TGV” or “gare SNCF”. Depending on which terminal you will get to, you may have to take the free shuttle to get to the station; the signs for “gare TGV” will guide you to the shuttle and then to the station.


The service from Paris-Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport to Lille is every hour during the day and the journey takes about an hour.


When you buy your train ticket, you can ask for a 25% discount if you are under 26. Please be sure to have identification with you that indicates your student status and your age. The ticket costs around 30 euros.

If you take a flight through Sky Team, you can include your train ticket in the price of the flight. In this case you won't have to worry at Paris Roissy about your luggage, which will follow you to Lille.

Useful websites:
-    the website of Paris-Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport is very well done. For instance, you can find maps of the terminals if you want to know where you land and where the station is. So please don’t hesitate to consult it: There is an English version.

-    the national railway company (SNCF) has a website on which you can consult train hours and prices: (an English version is also available).

- You also can use the OUIGO trains : 


At Brussels,

Take a regional train (City-Airport-Express) to get to Brussels-Midi station (or you can take a taxi). From there a Eurostar train or a TGV will take you directly to Lille-Europe station in 38 minutes.

All details can be found on this page:



At London,


Take the Eurostar to get to Lille Europe Station. Advanced booking on the Eurostar is strongly advised.


More information will be available in May


Where do I go when I get to Lille?

Arrivals are planned on the day before the first day of the program: 24 May 2018 for ESP1, and 25 June 2018 for ESP2.  PLEASE DO NOT COME DIRECT TO THE UNIVERSITY! Members of the European Summer Program team will meet you at Lille Europe station from 9am to 5.30pm as explained in the section When should I arrive in Lille?


However, in case of unforeseen problems, it might be useful to know about transportation options within Lille.

By metro:

From Lille Flandres or Lille Europe station, take metro line 2, direction Saint-Philibert. Stop at Cormontaigne and walk for ten minutes east along Boulevard Vauban. 


By bus:

From Lille-Flandres station, take bus Citadine 2 , stop at "Facultés Catholiques" (rue Nationale).

From Lille-Flandres or Lille Europe station, bus 12, stop at "Université Catholique" (boulevard Vauban).

By taxi:
Taxis are available at Lille Flandres Station; the ride to the campus takes around 15min and the cost is between 12€ and 15€.


You can find a map of the campus here and another (with directions in French) here


Where can I stay if I plan to arrive earlier in Lille?


If you plan to arrive earlier than the official arrival day, just before the first day of classes, you will need to book your own accommodation privately. However, you should still plan to meet the ESP team at the Lille Europe train station.

Here is the address of the Youth Hostel, located in downtown Lille:

Auberge de Jeunesse
12 rue Malpart
59 800 Lille – France
Tel : 00 33 (0)3 20 57 08 94


Another option would be Gastama in Vieux Lille, just a 20-minute walk from the stations and from the university.


109, rue de Saint André, 59000 Lille

59000 Lille

Email :

Tel : 00 33 (0)3 20 06 06 80


Since Lille is a major tourist city, hotels can be booked if you prefer. You can find the details of some budget hotels on Lille Catholic University’s website:


How long do I have to schedule to go from the airport to the university on the arrival day or from the university to the airport?

For arrivals and departures at Paris-Roissy Charles de Gaulle, one hour away, you should plan for at least 2-3 hours travelling/waiting time. Keep in mind all the following steps:


from the airport to the University


from the University to the airport

plane landing

check-out of the dorm

customs and luggage delivery

going to the train station

journey to the train station
ticket purchase
getting to the platform

train journey (1 hour)

train journey (1 hour)

check-in at the airport (3 hours before the time of your flight)

taxi from the station to the University (20 min)

 boarding & plane take-off







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