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    Lille is an attractive and vibrant city, located in one of France’s most densely populated regions with 2 million inhabitants. Lille itself has 210,000 inhabitants, with a student population of more than 100,000 that makes the city very lively. It is recognised as one of France’s most dynamic towns with a wide variety of cultural and sporting activities. Famous throughout France and Europe for its warm and friendly atmosphere, it is also alive with pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Its location "at the crossroads of Europe" has made Lille a strategic place in the past but also in the present. Wandering along its cobbled streets, you will walk past wonderful buildings and old monuments. Lille’s history is full of important events, including various invasions from the Middle Ages through to WW2, which have left interesting traces.



       Lille is a regional capital and a cultural destination with lots to offer. Art lovers stroll the Lille Fine Arts Museum, the 2nd largest museum in France after the Louvre (with a collection including Rubens, Van Dyck, Goya, Delacroix), the Hospice Comtesse Museum (with regional art and artifacts dating back to the 13th century), the Modern Art Museum (exhibiting a rich collection of 20th century and contemporary art including Picasso, Van Dongen, Miro and Modigliani), the 5th-best French fine arts museum called La Piscine because of its unique location in an Art Deco swimming pool, and many others. Further afield, one can find world known museums such as the Matisse Museum in the painter’s hometown of Le Cateau-Cambresis, and the Louvre-Lens Museum, which opened in 2013 to supplement the Louvre in Paris.

Lille also boasts a significant number of theatres, music halls, movie theatres, an opera house and a national orchestra. The metropolis is home of a large number of often free and public events and festivals, including a choir festival, a famous accordion festival, the Lille Piano(s) Festival, the International Independent Movie Week, France’s 1st Eco-Movie-Festival, a contemporary dance festival, yearly events like “Fête de la Musique” with concerts all over town in summer, and many others.

Lille is a very good place for shopping with several malls, a large pedestrian shopping area and wonderful boutiques in Vieux-Lille.




     Lille is located at the very heart of Europe, strategically positioned within a 300-km radius of 5 major European capitals: Paris, London, Brussels, Luxembourg, and The Hague. Its highly-developed transport systems such as TGV-high speed trains and the Euro-tunnel enable students to travel very easily by rail around France and across Europe:









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