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Coordonnatrice Summer Program

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Language level

French level. I'm a beginner. Can I attend the program?


Yes, by all means!

Our program is designed for students interested in the French language whether they have studied French before or not.

Every year, we have a good number of beginners who attend the program and learn their first French words here! This is something to be proud of!


French classes are organized so that students of all levels can learn French at their own pace and comfort level. However, please note that all French classes are taught entirely in French, which can at first be a little intimidating.


All other classes will be taught in English, except for the French Only program.  


Please note that all ESP students, regardless of program or origin, are expected to possess academic-level skills in English.


All information and support about the program (organisation, schedule, meeting place, orientation…) will be given in English to make sure that everybody is able to get the message. If students prefer information to be given in French, this can usually be organised as well.


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