European Summer Program (ESP)

The Academic Summer Package at the Heart of Europe

The European Summer Program is a four-week training course for international students who want to discover France and Europe. It has taken place in June and July every year since 2001, in Lille, in the North of France and will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2016!

4 programs are available for any student looking for the right summer abroad program:

- Arts, Social Science and Business program: students take intensive French language classes in the mornings and their chosen elective, taught in English, in the afternoon.

- Science and Engineering program: students attend 80 hours of tuition in English in areas such as Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy.

- "French Only" immersion program : students take an high intermediate or advanced French intensive course in the mornings + an elective, taught in French, in the afternoon.

- Graduate Law program: students take 80 hours of tuition in English about Comparative Transatlantic Law.

The ESP is an academic program that allows students to transfer credits back to their university of origin.

The program is designed as a full "package," including courses, trips in Northern France and some large European cities, accommodation, and pick-up at the train station.

Feel free to browse our webpages for more information and to contact us for any further information (

►  Dates for 2017 : 30 May to 23 June and 27 June to 21 July 2017 (check our "dates and costs" section for more precised information.



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