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Coordonnatrice Summer Program

Tél. +33 (3) 20 13 40 00


Am I eligible?

Who is this program for?


The ESP participants are usually around 20.  However, we have also hosted mature students who wanted to learn French and discover France and Europe. Since 2001, the ages have ranged from 18 to 73!


The ESP also accepts people who have already graduated and/or are not students anymore if they wish to study in France.


What selection criteria do I have to meet?



In order to be eligible for ESP, one has to have completed one’s secondary education (meaning at least a high school level). As well, students wishing to be part of the ESP must be registered in some type of higher education program or associated with a study abroad center, whether connected to the Universite Catholique de Lille or not.


For more information about criteria, check with your school’s international office or your study abroad coordinator.  

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