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Coordonnatrice Summer Program

Tél. +33 (3) 20 13 40 00


Conditions and regulations

Are there rules about class attendance? 


Yes, attendance is compulsory. 


What if I am sick?


Some absences can be excused, under specific conditions.


The rules are laid out in the ESP Regulations document, which all participants must sign at the beginning of the program.   


What about alcohol?


First, a hangover does not count as being sick. Be responsible.


Second, the consumption of alcohol (and illegal drugs, obviously) is prohibited in any and all of the residences used for the program, and the abuse of alcohol cannot be tolerated at any point.


Rules about such matters are covered in the ESP Standards of Conduct document, which all participants must sign at the beginning of the program.



But ... France!


Yes, France is known for its wine, and this particular region, like Belgium, is known for its beer. However, the beer can be far stronger than is usual in other places; it requires caution.


Please remember that, while we want everyone to enjoy the program, and to discover local culture, you are here primarily to learn


OK. What else do I need to know?


Read the ESP Regulations and Standards of Conduct, carefully. All participants must  read, sign, and adhere to these.


Copies of both documents will be distributed at the beginning of the program for reading and signing. 


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