Application Procedure

Before you start, a few questions: 


Have you looked through the ESP website?

The website for the European Summer program contains lots of information about the ESP and will help you get a better idea of what we offer, including the various electives and other options. Check the Frequently Asked Questions section in particular. 


Have you chosen your ESP elective(s)?

Be sure to choose an alternate elective in case your first choice is unavailable.


Have you spoken with others regarding your choices?

Your academic advisor may have some very useful input regarding your choice of program or electives, particularly in regard to credit transfer. You should also talk to your parents or significant others!


Do you have all the required documents ready?

These include:

• an electronic ID photo (jpg format only, transportation pass may be delayed if this is not received 1 month before the program starts)

• a copy of your passport (picture + identification)

• the Council of Europe’s assessment grid with your estimated level in French (if you are applying to the French Only Program - please download the document here)

• your transcripts (if you are applying to the Science and Engineering Summer Program)


If you have answered yes, you are ready to start your application. The online form will be available in a few weeks ! 


 Step 1: Fill in the online application form and upload the necessary documentation


• Only a complete application form will be processed.

• Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

• Failure to submit all required documentation, along with payment (in euros), will lead to delays in processing.

• Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.



 Step 2: Arrange Payment

• Once you have submitted your online application form, you will receive an email with payment instructions.

• Payment must be made by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). 

• After the payment has been made, the ESP will start processing your application.

• Full payment must be made at the latest at the closing of registration (April 1 for ESP1 and May 1 for ESP2).

• 5% penalty charge will be applied if you have not paid in full when the ESP starts.

• Please also check our Terms and Conditions.


 Step 3: Subscribe for Health and Travel Insurance

• In order to participate in the European Summer Program, students are required to have valid individual or university insurance covering them for medical expenses + travel and repatriation. 

• It is highly recommended that you check with your insurance provider as to whether they will also cover your personal liability for your stay in France.

• In addition, all students from EU/EEA countries must bring a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), obtainable in their own home countries. Expenses related to dental care and illnesses contracted before arrival in France are not covered.

• It is the student's own responsibility to make insurance arrangements for any accident, illness, injury, loss or damage to persons or property resulting from or in any way connected with the study period in France.

• Students below the age of 25 can purchase Health and Travel Insurance through the ESP Office for an extra cost of 75 euros. For advice, you can contact us at


And when you have finished...

Once again, please read through the FAQ pages and other resources offered on this website, and check out our pages on Facebook and Tumblr for more information on what your experience in France will be. You may also download a copy of the "Passport for international students" available through the "International Students" section of the University's website.



Thank you for applying!


We look forward to meeting you at the 2019 European Summer Program at the Université Catholique de Lille.



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