The Université Catholique de Lille offered the first session of the European Summer Program in 2001.

  Every summer since, this program has achieved its goal of offering international students the opportunity

   for an extraordinary study abroad experience in Lille, France, at the crossroads of Europe.


 The program was created in collaboration with international partner universities in order to meet international

 students’ expectations. Every year, the program is evaluated – by students and staff alike – to ensure that

 the program is providing what our students need.


 The ESP has become more and more successful with each passing year. From 27 students in the first year,

  it has grown both bigger and stronger, with 282 students from 21 countries this past summer alone.


 Our students come from all over the world, and from different types of institution, with different programs,

 for different reasons. Such variety makes the program richer for all of us, but especially for international

 students sharing a common experience in France.


  We have continued to develop tailor-made, student-centred programs with our partner universities,

  and are proud of the wide range of electives that students can take within this “full package program”

 to fulfil their interests and expand their horizons.



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