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Celebrating over 140 years of academic excellence
Université Catholique de Lille, a private not for profit university founded in 1875 has an urban campus located in the heart of the city, within easy walking distance of the city’s cultural and commercial centre. The university hosts a population of 28,400 full-time students. It offers a comprehensive education with 40 graduate and 190 undergraduate programs in four major fields of study:
• Law, Economics & Management
• Humanities
• Health Sciences & Social Work
• Science and Engineering.

Such diversity finds its origins in the university's underlying structure, where two higher education systems –traditional university Faculties and “Grandes Ecoles”(graduate schools of business or engineering)– uniquely complement each other.

Whole Person education
Université Catholique de Lille offers a student-centered, whole person education, It strives for intellectual rigor, critical thinking, social engagement, scholarly and professional excellence needed to solve the complex problems that the world faces. Professional experience, an important part of the curriculum, is gained through placements in regional and/or international companies and organizations. It boasts a dynamic student union with more than 300 organizations, reflecting cultural and religious diversity on campus.

An international university
Internationalization (lien vers la page “our international policy”) is one of the key institutional strategies and is well anchored in the university’s mission and vision. Besides student mobility programs, Université Catholique de Lille has also undertaken various internationalization-at-home initiatives, like offering double-degree options, requiring proficiency in English for graduation, and developing a very ambitious program in intercultural competencies. Although French is the main language of instruction, many courses are offered in English, especially in the field of business and management (whole curriculum available in English) as well as in law, political sciences, international relations and engineering. In its efforts to make the campus more international, Université Catholique de Lille offers the best possible service to students (lien vers la page “international students”) in order to make their stay pleasant and successful.

Networks and partnerships
Université Catholique de Lille prides itself on its European dimension and is very active in fostering study abroad programmes. Partnerships exist with over 400 foreign universities, 340 of which are in Europe.

An exceptional geographic location
Lille, a vibrant and dynamic university city at the heart of Europe is connected to Brussels by train in 35 minutes, to Paris in an hour and to London in 1h20. Being the centre of a urban zone with 2 million inhabitants, Lille itself has all the convenience of a human-sized city.

Lille, Cultural Capital of Europe
Lille, founded in 1066, has a very rich historic and architectural heritage. Selected “Cultural Capital of Europe» in 2004, Lille is a regional hotspot and a city of art, a cultural destination with lots to offer. Lille is the 2nd largest academic city in France, and provides countless cafes, restaurants, top museums, theatres, an opera house and a national orchestra.

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